…something without a face.

Most of the time I use my blog only for my sessions, and never nothing behind the scenes of all of this. But today I am making an exception. Recently I have noticed some serious issues with my approach to photography. I basically stopped liking it. And as a matter of fact I started to have thoughts of quitting. And no, I am not saying it because I like drama or to get your attention. I am telling you that from a very human side of me. I have quit all my jobs before, and I did so to get to this point and do what I truly wanted to do. So then I started to think if I am all there in my head, because after 4 years of sacrifices, hard work and building it all from scratch I started to consider selling my gear, and spending that money on something stupid and sparkly. And then it hit me that I really lost my drive; that photography became another boring job, and is no longer my passion like it used to be. I guess this is normal for most people who work in a creative field. We just burn out, we fall into a routine and never ending structure. We make ‘forced art’ that brings like 3% of joy. It’s sad but I am completely real here. I would never think that I could even experience feeling like this.

So after I realized this craziness I started to think what I can do to bring it back. What is that my soul truly needs to get that fire back. My answer was: “shoot something without a face”. I know, weird. In my case  99.9% of my work are portraits, and this is what creates my monotony. My photography is about capturing expressions and personalities, (some good abs once in a while) but I needed something to capture more deepness. I didn’t even expect that I would do it with an iPhone and an olloclip macro lens attachment. I basically died and went to a macro photography heaven. I have never shot macro before so this was such a fresh experience. I can’t even describe how much joy this thing brought into my heart. It forced me to look for an art in tiniest random subjects around me, and nature never fails for that! So here it is. My little personal project of “something without a face” that reminded me why I started it all in the first place…


2 thoughts on “…something without a face.

  1. You know, it’s funny…I forced myself to move away from faceless objects and started taking pictures of people a couple of years ago…

    Photography to me is something that I like to do and not something that I have to do to make a living. Regardless, you can still have an identity crisis, which is why I forced myself away from landscape and nature towards dealing with subjects who can offer feedback and opinion. But alas, over the past months I have been thinking about what really satisfies me the most when I see the results.

    it’s funny that you mention macro because that’s exactly what I have been looking into after seeing a spread in Digital Photographer a couple of months back. So much detail and so much uniqueness in the little things around us.

    Have fun with it!

  2. I just want to say that I’m very proud of you. I love there moments that help us keep the love alive. For me it’s my film camera and instagram. I’m glad I know you friend, and thank you for being so candid in this post. Rock on!

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