Without a face vol 2

I am first to admit that I don’t play with my camera as much as I used to. No, actually scratch that, I don’t play with it at all. Every since photography became my work, it’s really just that – work. Majority of my personal photos are taken with an iPhone. I don’t take time to capture what’s around me and create beauty with it. I’ve realized it a long time ago, so during my vacation in Cuba I really wanted to reconnect with my camera. I wanted to see the smallest things and give them the same attention that I give to my clients. Once I looked at them with my photographer’s approach I could almost hear them calling me to take a photo of their beauty. It was everywhere, and it was addictive. In that moment everything reversed, and I forgot that people existed. That moment became about appreciating things that are too small for us adults to notice, yet every child would do. That moment turned me into a child again. And God, how I needed to feel like this.

“and you will take off your shoes in awe, because when regaining your creative sensitivity, every ground you step on is holy ground” – Andrea Balt


DSC_3574.jpg_effected DSC_3570.jpg_effected DSC_3568.jpg_effected DSC_3567.jpg_effected DSC_3560.jpg_effected DSC_3554.jpg_effected DSC_3551.jpg_effected DSC_3547.jpg_effected DSC_3543.jpg_effected DSC_3540-1.jpg_effected DSC_3535.jpg_effected-001 DSC_3527.jpg_effected DSC_3523.jpg_effected DSC_3517.jpg_effected DSC_3514.jpg_effected DSC_3500.jpg_effected DSC_3494.jpg_effected DSC_3489.jpg_effected DSC_3483.jpg_effected DSC_3477.jpg_effected DSC_3472.jpg_effected DSC_3469.jpg_effected DSC_3456.jpg_effected DSC_3452.jpg_effected DSC_3447.jpg_effected DSC_3442.jpg_effected DSC_3430.jpg_effected DSC_3425-1.jpg_effected-001 DSC_3423.jpg_effected-001 DSC_3413.jpg_effected-001 DSC_3409.jpg_effected-001 DSC_3390.jpg_effected DSC_3370.jpg_effected DSC_3367.jpg_effected DSC_3362.jpg_effected


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