Without a face vol 3

I started this “without a face” series a while ago as my way of reconnecting with my work on an artistic and emotional level. But this year I will try to take these once a month. The more I do it, the more impact it has on my artistic side. It pushes me creatively to find beauty in small things around me. These will always be taken with my macro lens, as this is my favorite one which I use pretty much just for my ring shots. So ironically, my inspiration for this edition was this shitty transition of seasons we are in. This winter seems to have no end and spring is nothing but a major tease. For some reason this combo of the two seasons seemed interesting and challenging to capture. I decided to look for some dry, lifeless and ugly looking things left from last year, and capture them in a spring afternoon sunlight, to squeeze a tiny bit of beauty out of them. Macro lens lets me see things differently, and it always leaves me with that “wow, I didn’t know it was possible” feeling. I can say we push and surprise each other a lot. So here it is, a winter and spring affair; the line between death and rebirth.

1888819_10151966111476573_949478400_o 10001124_10151966111576573_960970441_o 1980378_10151966111686573_1566712625_o 1979130_10151966111701573_762178314_o 1909277_10151966111546573_838327961_o 1909155_10151966111951573_252033276_o 1898913_10151966111916573_1857800704_o 1890370_10151966111591573_808269026_o 1888774_10151966111856573_1323858063_o 1622362_10151966111931573_1763324886_o 1540340_10151966111886573_963348783_o 1272320_10151966111486573_1622921682_o 892685_10151966111496573_1994432474_o


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