Without a face vol 4

Here it is! Another “without a face” edition. If you have seen the previous ones you know that I take them as a way to reconnect with my camera on an artistic level and photograph anything non-human. I also find therapeutic when my maco lens forces me to go down, look for all things tiny and interact with nature, which I believe needs an attention and appreciation for its beauty.
I took these while spending a few days with my two loves in beautiful Muskoka. Forest was my playground this time 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!


DSC_8295.jpg_effected DSC_8281.jpg_effected DSC_8273.jpg_effected DSC_8260.jpg_effected DSC_8255.jpg_effected DSC_8245.jpg_effected DSC_7846.jpg_effected DSC_7839.jpg_effected DSC_7838.jpg_effected DSC_7827.jpg_effected-001 DSC_7806.jpg_effected DSC_7781.jpg_effected DSC_7756.jpg_effected DSC_7754.jpg_effected DSC_7750.jpg_effected


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