Without a face vol 5

It took me a while to get an idea for this edition of “without a face”. All previous ones contained some sort of a nature aspect in them but this time I wanted to create something pretty without leaving my house. If you can figure out what I did here, feel free to share. I would like to see where abstracts take your imagination ๐Ÿ™‚

10669360_10152329172476573_4932015647454786089_o10703963_10152329172326573_4942219524319792963_o 10694291_10152329171946573_6181880046215111562_o 10688098_10152329172386573_100341732604802874_o 10633265_10152329172266573_1023571765747458167_o 10604638_10152329172146573_8811427000704226673_o 10533310_10152329171951573_5086227883823701610_o 10264005_10152329171936573_923818087620573145_o 1965701_10152329172176573_7576720219123651636_o 1889001_10152329172121573_7080154183563372366_o 1798959_10152329172416573_2740831789948808990_o 1795241_10152329172286573_2798410479379245102_o 1014926_10152329172456573_2710354138663839300_o


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