Nathan Phillip Square Wedding, Toronto ~ Sophia & Wes ~

I was anticipating their wedding day so much. Perhaps our engagement shoot left me smitten with them and their love. Sophia & Wes both have a very similar aura about them. What seemed really obvious to me, was how genuine, grounded and honest they both are. Their core values reflect so beautifully in the way they talk about life. On their wedding day they were surrounded by the closest people in their lives. Yes, we often think that it’s always the norm in case of any wedding but they trully shared this day with people who really matter.
The best part of this whole day was seeing all of the guests gathered in a beautiful restaurant downtown Toronto to celebrate the newlyweds. There was a sense of unity in the room, as everybody seemed so present, they all could talk and hear one another. This place was filled with laughter, joy and happy tears, and I was honoured to be in the middle of it, capturing and soaking it all in.

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