Toni & Kyle ~ engagement ~

Her love manifests itself in the gentle way she holds his arm or touches his neck. His is all in the eyes. When she’s near him, he looks captivated and whole. Toni and Kyle have the kind of love that is loud without saying a word. It just flows between them in such an effortless and natural way that it really moves you. I was driving back home from this session full of happiness and inspiration, not just for work but for life overall. Their wedding is in October and I already can feel butterflies in my stomach.

DSC_3602 DSC_3632 DSC_3629DSC_3636 DSC_3645 DSC_3659 DSC_3674 DSC_3681 DSC_3685 DSC_3697 DSC_3748 DSC_3773 DSC_3796 DSC_3818 DSC_3827 DSC_3871 DSC_3904 DSC_3916 DSC_3955 DSC_4026 DSC_4039 DSC_4080 DSC_4087 DSC_4090 DSC_4105 DSC_4142 DSC_4171 DSC_4178 DSC_4200 DSC_4207 DSC_4222 DSC_4227 DSC_4245 DSC_4249 DSC_4266 DSC_4294 DSC_4299 DSC_4353 DSC_4366 DSC_4368 DSC_4381 DSC_4424 DSC_4466 DSC_4467


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