Nicole & Justin | Burlington engagement

A few weeks ago I spent a lovely afternoon hanging out with Nicole and Justin. Because Nicole wanted a casual feel of a city, mixed with a relaxed feel of water and sand, we picked Burlington downtown as our playground. Everything we needed was there. Including Nicole’s favourite vegan cupcakes! Kelly’s Bake Shoppe was our warm up spot, and despite this place being jam packed, Nicole and Justin were able to block it all and have fun during this set. Even though this was their very first time having photos taken together, they both took directions and my suggestions so well. I love how natural and comfortable they were with each other. When I asked them who made the first move before their love adventure started, they both said “Nicole”. Their big day is next September and I am already looking forward to see this beauty in her wedding dress. She’s very detail orientated knowing exactly what she wants so I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. She is working with a wedding planner to make her wedding day truly magical.

DSC_2007 DSC_2009

DSC_2046 DSC_2093DSC_2341DSC_2171 DSC_2396 DSC_2413 DSC_2433 DSC_2588 DSC_2670 DSC_2809 DSC_2868 DSC_2877 DSC_2911 DSC_2914 DSC_2989 DSC_3053


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