Nicky & Susan | toronto wedding reception

When Nicky and Susan called me from New York to chat about their wedding reception, I knew within seconds that I wanted to be a part of it and document this event. They got married in New York last year, and they finally gathered all the important people in their lives to celebrate their union. We started off with the photos of just the two them. I absolutely loved how they were dressed, little details that complimented another’s outfit, so much personality, fashion and class. Their love is effortless, kind and easy, so capturing it on my camera was not a hard job at all. It was a pleasure and inspiration. Once the celebration started, I could not help but feel the room filling up with very positive vibes as more guests arrived. Each person that Susan and Nicky welcomed had a significance to them. The smiles, laughs and happy tears were everywhere I looked. One of the highlights of the evening was Nicky suprising everyone, especially her wife, with a song that she composed just for that night. As a professional music composer, she executed it so beautifully and there were many tears amongst the crowd. What made the whole atmosphere of that evening so perfect, was Sidecar – an indie jazz band of three, that played that goosebump kinda jazz. Another important addition to the night was the food! Since Susan works in health and wellness, every little item was organic, vegan and unbelievably crafted.

Catering: Urban Acorn

Florist: Thornhill Market Florist

Cake: Dufflet



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