Eve & Vlad | Toronto wedding

On a beautiful and sunny October’s day, Eve and Vlad became a husband and wife. It was such a pleasure to get to know them through out the entire process of a wedding preparation. Eve is a dreamer and a visionary, so she had very specific ideas for her wedding which blew me away. She was the most stunning bride, so elegant and classy. Vlad looked pretty good too. What I love the most about both of them is how they truly compliment each other. They are both driven individuals with very genuine hearts. They know themselves as people, and together they create a perfect marriage of love and balance.

Huge thanks to all the amazing vendors who worked so hard on this wedding day.

Cake: Dolce Vita Sweets

Florist:  Tatiana’s Flowers and Decoration Center

Music: Dj Tudor

Video: Meridian Sons Films

Hair: Mira Schwartzburg

Make-up: Vika Libra 

Photography: Focca Photography



I’m excited to share the video highlights created by amazing team of Meridian Sons Films.


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