Leila & James | The Glenerin, Mississauga wedding

My last wedding of 2016 was insanely fun! I really couldn’t imagine a better couple to end the year with. Leila and James have created a beautiful relationship and a loving family for years, and they finally got to gather all their friends and family in one spot to celebrate their love with. Here are some of my faves. Enjoy!

LJF 4LJF 14LJF 17LJF 23LJF 29LJF 16LJF 35LJF 52LJF 75LJF 123LJF 126LJF 127LJF 160LJF 168LJF 171LJF 187LJF 195LJF 198LJF 216LJF 236LJF 261LJF 264LJF 280LJF 284LJF 285LJF 304LJF 289LJF 360LJF 363LJF 412LJF 488LJF 499LJF 509LJF 519LJF 523LJF 548LJF 562LJF 563LJF 578LJF 606LJF 598LJF 824LJF 825LJF 843LJF 815LJF 864LJF 867LJF 879LJF 935LJF 942LJF 1100


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