Jen & Ryan | Vineland Estates Winery, Vineland wedding

Back when I was photographing Jen’s fitness journey over 7 years ago I had no idea that one day she would make me her wedding photographer! We’ve stayed in touch via social media through out these years but her personal life was always kept private. So when I received a phone call that she was getting married I knew this was real. I haven’t met Ryan until their wedding day so I was extra intrigued by this guy I’ve heard so many great things about. What I picked on by watching and photographing them together was his incredible care towards Jen. Every little chance that he had to tell her how beautiful she looked or to check if she wanted to take a break from the sunlight or if she was thirsty or needed anything; he was on top of that. He makes her his priority in a very effortless and natural way. When I asked them what was their first impression of each other when they met for the first time, Jen replied “It was like I saw my future walking towards me.”

So here they are, and the moments that are now a part of their history they longed for so much.




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